London Star Drywall’s professional team can provide steel framing services to custom builders, developers and project managers throughout London and the surrounding communities. We are experts who can work with all types of metal stud and steel framing projects. It’s just one of the ways we stay up-to-date with industry progress and work to help you with a wide range of drywall projects!

Residential Metal Stud Framing

Lumber prices got you down? Don’t worry – steel frames and metal studs are the way of the future. We can work with drywall installations as they relate to:

  • Structural framing
  • Steel stud framing
  • Light gauge steel framing

At London Star Drywall, we demand perfection of ourselves. It’s why we guarantee a straight steel frame structure every time!

What Makes Steel Framing Essential For Building Projects?

Steel framing is light and strong, meaning you don’t have to worry about warping, twisting, shrinking or splitting. There are none of the issues associated with wood framing, such as mould, rot, and ants or termite infestations. It’s also faster to work with, resulting in significant time and cost savings!

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