No drywall project is complete without taping and mudding. Without tape and mud, the new drywall is likely to crack, causing long-term damage. Preventing unnecessary cracks from weakening your walls means hiring London Star Drywall to tape and finish your drywall. Our fully licensed and insured team will go the extra mile to finish your drywall installation the right way. Trust our professional eyes to pay close attention to all the details!

How London Star Drywall Tackles All Your Taping Needs

Drywall taping is an overlooked necessity. All the pieces must connect to form a solid wall,  preparing it for priming and painting. The seams of butt joints with bevelled edges must have reinforcing tape and several coats of joint compound to stay strong and prevent cracking. 

Taping and mudding can be a delicate job, one that sounds easy but requires the right amount of skills and experience to do properly. In everything we do, the London Star team keeps a trained eye on all the work details, an important part of finishing and protecting drywall successfully.

What Can Professional Taping Services Do For Your Drywall?

Drywall taping is a necessary part of finishing a drywall project. It improves the wall’s aesthetics, provides a smooth, clean surface for paint, stops smoke and fumes from penetrating the wall, and reinforces the joints to prevent cracking.

If drywall taping is not completed properly, it can create an unpleasant finish that becomes hard to correct. The issues almost always lead to problems down the road, too: poor drywalling signals to future buyers a lack of workmanship that might be an issue throughout the house, and the potential weaknesses can delay other contractors you’ve hired for work.

In the end, it’s best to trust the professional team at London Star Drywall for all the work – and savings – that go into proper taping!

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