London Star Drywall applies texture spray ceilings in a variety of styles. We are experts at creating beautiful, consistent finishes. With the right type of spray gun and expertise, texture spraying or knockdown treatments provide consistent texture within a short work time. Our team pays close attention to properly preparing the ceilings and walls, as well as covering any furniture and surfaces, to guarantee high-quality results!

Which Texture Is Right For You?

When it comes to texture spraying, London Star Drywall gives you a number of options to choose from:

Orange Peel Textured Spraying

Orange peel is a popular texture. It hides imperfections without the dramatic “pop” of a popcorn texture. Orange peel texture does not require any trowel work. It requires a professional spray applicator to control the dimple size and a bit of time to dry.

Popcorn Textured Spraying

Older popcorn ceilings may be out, but there are now more contemporary versions of this texture! Today’s popcorn texture is, visually speaking, crisper with more distinct peaks and valleys. The acoustic sound dampening properties keep this style quite popular.

Knockdown Textures

Knockdown textures are more subtle than the other two. There are three types of knockdown texture: mud trowel, splatter and stomp.

Whichever one is for you, trust London Star Drywall to take your project from start to finish with prompt, professional service!

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